About Us

Lee Forrest Design, LLC is a multiple award winning floral design boutique that specializes in custom weddings, corporate parties, special events and holiday decor. We are centrally located on Bumby Avenue, in the Milk District of downtown Orlando.

Our look is very clean and modern with lots of inspiration from traditional sources. Whether we design in an opulent European style with garden flowers and fruit or in a dramatic Asian style with tropicals and exotics, our work is always anything but run-of-the-mill.

Our legacy will be the artful designs that we have created for you, that are captured in your images. These family photographs will be cherished by future generations, long after we are gone and any first-hand memories of your wedding have faded. Our work will be seen by your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren and even their great-grandchildren for the next hundred years ... and beyond.

The Lee Forrest Design team

Photo credits (group and individual): Tab McCausland Photography

Meet our talented team

Lee Forrest,
Owner/Lead Designer

Jaimz R. Dillman,
Client Relations and Marketing

Joan Rogers,
Design Manager

Bruce Hagley,
Design Assistant and Operations

Marcus Sanders, Designer

Page Murray,
Design Assistant

Betina Paul,

Jason Lubbe,
Design Assistant

Scott Ruiz, Operations

Lee Forrest, Owner/Lead Designer

Lee ForrestLee Forrest has been designing with flowers most of his life, collecting wildflowers from his parents' farm in Kentucky when he was very young and arranging them in old glass jars to present to his mother on special occasions. At age five, his dream was to someday command his own floral business, thus the spark was ignited!

After graduating from Transylvania University, Lexington, Kentucky, in 1988 with a degree in history and pursuing a job in archival science, he soon discovered that his new career did not allow him enough creative freedom. He then returned to his first love of working with flowers and began designing professionally in 1990.

Eventually in 2000, he realized his early dream with the opening of Forrest and Flowers Designs, which initially began as a free lance design business based at home. In 2005, he incorporated the business as Lee Forrest Design, LLC and moved into his current retail location and has established it as one of the most prominent wedding floral design firms in Orlando.

Lee's unique gift for creating the most elegant and beautiful arrangements is purely instinctive and has been honed through years of experience working with some of the top designers and premiere shops in Louisville, Indianapolis, and Orlando. He has also traveled and created arrangements for events up and down the East Coast from Maine to Florida, and everywhere in between.

Joan Rogers, Design Manager

Joan Rogers

Joan is an Orlando native, who has worked over thirty years at some of the best high-end floral shops in the city. Joan and Lee met years ago while working together at another prominent Orlando wedding floral design company that she managed for seventeen years. Joan loves the amazing work atmosphere at Lee Forrest Design, where she has been designing since 2009.

Marcus Sanders, Designer

Marcus Sanders

Marcus is originally from Winter Haven, Florida. He pursued a business management degree from University of Central Florida, where he graduated with honors in 2005. His sales background at Pepsi-Cola, and his dance background at Lyman High School Dance Department prepared him for being creative in the floral industry and making bride's visions come to life on their special day. Marcus has been learning and perfecting his design skills at Lee Forrest Design since 2011, and is looking forward to creating many more great memories for future brides.

Betina Paul, Designer

Betina Paul

Betina Paul moved to Orlando in 1999. Since then, she has worked with most of the high end florists and coordinators in town. She's worked as a freelance designer all over the country and island. "After I do a set up, when all the pieces are put together, I like to see the client's face - jaw dropping, mind blowing - because they have more than their expectations. I love what I do!"

Bruce Hagley, Design Assistant and Operations

Bruce HagleyBruce is originally from Charleston, West Virginia, and graduated from Marshall University with a degree in marketing and advertising. Bruce has been working at Lee Forrest Design since 2008, and is in charge of deliveries, wedding installations, and also maintains our extensive storage inventory. Bruce loves his job because, in his words "who doesn't enjoy receiving flowers?" and he loves watching people's faces light up when he walks into the room with a delivery.

Jason Lubbe, Design Assistant

Jason LubbeJason's bio is coming soon!

Page Murray, Design Assistant

Page MurrayPage Murray has lived in Orlando for over 28 years. She enjoys meeting and talking with potential client's at tastings and events representing the LFD team. "I want our client's to feel inspired by our unique and original designs. I love what I do and the team I work with." She's always on the go and very involved with her family of 3 boys and husband.

Jaimz R. Dillman, Client Relations and Marketing

Jaimz R. DillmanJaimz Dillman has been in the wedding industry since 2008 combining her love for theatrics and parties to bring couples' visions to life. Native to Florida, she loves meeting with couples and learning about what makes their story special. "It's my job to have client's shoot for the moon and figure out a way to make their vision a reality come to life- all within their budget and our expertise." Outside of work Jaimz enjoys spending time with her family and friends as well as performing on stage throughout the Central Florida area.

Scott Ruiz, Operations

Scott RuizScott is an Orlando native, and has contributed to the company in many ways over the years since 2003, but his construction and renovation background at his own business, SR Development, and his financial backing and resources are largely responsible for Lee Forrest Design becoming the success it is today. In addition to his support, Scott builds many of the props that we use at our events and looks after the maintenance of our studio and our delivery vehicles.